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Video Voice – Why NCTV17 Matters

There are lots of choices of where to get your news and media these days. So, why should you seek out the local one? Why Naperville Community Television, (NCTV17)?

We may not have the flash of a WGN block party, but we are in the community day in and day out. We cover the stories of a local couple trying to find a way to help their disabled adult son live a more normal life, the 100 year anniversary of the American Legion, a prayer event at the local Mosque, and the national pickleball tournament at Nike Park. Each of these stories is told to the best of our ability and more importantly, they all come from the heart.

I am just as proud as everyone else when our town of Naperville appears on the national stage. However, sometimes people disregard the local press as if what we do is a little less important or somehow not the real thing. My team and I are the folks who go out to the local high school games, charity walks and will be there tomorrow after the national focus has moved to something else. We will see you at the next council meeting, at Rotary Hill for the Last Fling. You’ll see us on-air and online telling the story of a Mom who started a nonprofit to benefit cancer research because she lost her son to the disease.

So, the next time you see a post from NCTV17 or catch a band concert on channel 17, please stop and take a moment to be proud of your town and the local team bringing you the collective stories of our daily lives in the town we call home.

This post was written by Liz Spencer, the Executive Director for Naperville Community Television, Channel 17, and originally published in Positively Naperville, September 2020. Contact Liz at ebspencer@nctv17.com. Visit www.NCTV17.com for more information and all your favorite shows.

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