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Thanks Giving – Giving Thanks at Turning Pointe

This year Turning Pointe counted its blessings twice. Sometimes daily. To thrive in the present conditions, we had to stay grounded in gratitude. This meant sometimes we found the smallest success or resource to celebrate!

Day after day, week after week, the gratitude came easier. We didn’t wait for November to give thanks and as a result, so many miracles happened. We have been blessed again and again. Blessed by students eager to reengage in programs after four months at home, families gracing us with patience as we navigated new protocols, teammates sacrificing personally to reopen our schools, and donors giving generously to meet our changing needs. Beautiful miracles for which we are truly grateful.

As we were counting our blessings twice, one donor decided to give twice! The Coleman Foundation is a private grantmaking foundation created by Dorothy W. Coleman and her husband, J.D. Stetson Coleman, one-time owners of Fannie May Candies. One of their primary giving areas is to support individuals with disabilities. In fact, it was a grant from the Coleman Foundation that originally launched the adult services at Turning Pointe in 2013. They have remained steadfast in their support, but during the pandemic are allowing us to raise funds twice through challenge grants.

The new challenge begins November 1st and concludes on Giving Tuesday, December 1st. Giving Tuesday is an international day dedicated to charitable giving. Any donation of $1,250 given to Turning Pointe then will be matched by the Coleman Foundation up to $25,000. If you are considering a year-end donation, this is a way to double the impact.

What began with a confection empire built by Dorothy and J.D. is now sustained in the truly sweet smiles and success of students at Turning Pointe.

To all our friends around the community, we count you among our blessings this month. And to our friends at the Coleman Foundation, you are one of our miracles this year! Thank you.

By: Carrie Provenzale, Executive Director of Turning Pointe Autism Foundation. To find out more about Turning Pointe Autism Foundation, visit www.turningpointeautismfoundation.org.

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