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NCTV17 – Local News Matters!

It is so easy today to get lost in news feeds that take you away from where you live. The COVID-19 pandemic put local news, and NCTV17, front and center as the crisis hit home and residents looked for information about what was happening right here in Naperville.

If you didn’t know about NCTV17 and our local news before, I hope you do now.

It was a little over 10 years ago NCTV17 began a weekly newscast, Naperville News 17. It was an ambitious move for a small community television station, but we felt Naperville, as one of the largest cities in the state, needed a weekly newscast to keep residents informed and connected to their community.

Today, to meet the growing demand for local news coverage, that newscast has morphed into daily news and even live breaking news coverage available on-air, online at NCTV17.com, and on social media.

And, in the past six months, our viewership and social media following has increased significantly. That tells us that, now more than ever, local news matters to the residents we serve.

During the last several months, we reported about COVID-19 numbers… READ FULL POST

Written by Liz Spencer, the Executive Director for Naperville Community Television, Channel 17, and originally posted on 7/31/2020. Contact Liz at ebspencer@nctv17.com. Visit www.NCTV17.com for more information and all your favorite shows.

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