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Naperville Community Television (NCTV17)

Naperville Community Television captures moments in time that inform and connect our community. You can hear a veteran’s voice tremble as he remembers serving his country, witness the camaraderie of runners racing in memory of a beloved coach, take pride in a town pulling together against racism. Every day, through the power of television, NCTV17 tells the stories that help residents feel more like neighbors. By donating to NCTV17, you help tell Naperville’s story on air and online!

The Latest Stories from Naperville Community Television (NCTV17)

NCTV17 shares Acts of Kindness

My favorite kind of stories? Acts of kindness. I love hearing about all the good that folks are doing in our community…

NCTV17 – Local News Matters!

…The COVID-19 pandemic put local news, and NCTV17, front and center as the crisis hit home and residents looked for information about what was happening right here in Naperville….

Video Voice – Why NCTV17 Matters

… the next time you see a post from NCTV17 or catch a band concert on channel 17, please stop and take a moment to be proud of your town and the local team bringing you the collective stories of our daily lives in the town we call home.

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